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Wild orchids in the Nahe valley

If you keep your eyes open while hiking through the Nahe valley, you will find wild orchids as well as other rare flowers growing in many places. They are at home here where the climate is just right for them: Dittany, Squill, Pasqueflower, Sword-leaved Helleborine, Late Spider Orchid, Helleborine, Wild Hyacinth and naturally, the Spotted Orchid. This last one can also be seen on the city emblem and the coat of arms of the community of Hennweiler.

The Soonwald mountain range encompasses a large number of independent nature preserves which are not only recreation areas, but offer the ambitious fan of nature —and the city person looking for quiet— constantly new experiences. Here is a little botanical tip: On a weekend you should visit the Lemberg near Oberhausen or the Hellberg near Kirn with its gigantic boulder scree and rare alpine plant life.

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