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Bad Sobernheim, the newest 'Bath' in the Nahe valley

Bad Sobernheim is the newest of the three "Baths" in the Nahe valley and is therefore overshadowed by the two older ones: Bad Kreuznach and Bad Münster am Stein. This is somewhat unfair, though, because Bad Sobernheim has its own particular and attractive qualities. In the 100 years of its existence it gradually developed into a city renowned for its Felke mud treatments. In this time its reputation as a health resort became important economic factors in the region. After being acknowledged by the government as Felke-Heilbad in 1989 the award of the "Bad" (=spa) title followed only five years later. Bad Sobernheim has its own attractive advantages: high standards, a new and impressive infrastructure and three health-resort hotels managed by doctors who consider holistic and natural treatments not to be trends that come and go, but have emphasized them for decades. The basic principles of the Spa (beginning in 1907) go back to the natural healer Emanuel Felke.

It is here that Pastor Emmanuel Felke, a natural healer (naturopath) worked, beginning in 1915. He made mud (healing earth), air, light, and water the bases for his treatment methods. These are complemented today by the latest findings of nutritional science as well as the most modern diagnostic techniques. Here, a "cure" does not mean just following a programme, but it involves a harmony of comfort, health and nature. Just how important this is, has been recently and impressively documented by scientific studies, which show how the immune system (Sommer 1999), blood pressure, levels of cholesterol, uric acid and liver indicators (Breden 1998) can be influenced for the better.

After a period of observation lasting 3 weeks, the results of the study demonstrated a significant reduction of cholesterol, uric acid, liver indicators and blood pressure. At the same time, vitality and physical fitness improved. The results of the Felke-cure were a reduction of risk factors for arteriosclerosis, meaning more protection for the heart and vascular system, combined with a generally improved sense of well being and a higher level of fitness. It is worth coming to Bad Sobernheim to relax and be restored. The best part is that one feels good doing it.

H. Breden: Natürlich gesund werden. Köln 1998
P. Sommer: Immunfit. Bad Sobernheim 2003

vSpacer Monument of the naturopath Emanuel Felke at the station square in Bad Sobernheim (Nahe Valley)

Monument of the naturopath Emanuel Felke at the station square in Bad Sobernheim.

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