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A little excursion through the Hunsrück

The Hunsrück region is a barren landscape, which has offered its population meager support in past centuries. It is no wonder then that it has the lowest population density of anywhere in Germany. On the other hand, it reveals "raw nature" to us, with forests as far as the eye can see. Hunsrück also has much to offer culturally. The ancient valley roads were already here in Roman times and there are cultural memorials wherever one looks.

Those who are interested in finding out more about the beauty of the Hunsrück region, its striking landscapes and villages, its diverse moods, its culture, and, not least, its people, should refer to the illustrated books by Uwe Anhäuser. Over many years, he established a cultural memorial with his photos and books of the region.

Another tribute to Hunsrück was created by the director Edgar Reitz and his screenwriter Peter Steinbach in the film "Heimat", which was filmed on location in Woppenroth. Those who have seen the film will perhaps recognize "Baldenau" castle in this small collection of pictures.

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Uwe Anhäuser: Kultur-Erlebnis Hunsrück; Idar-Oberstein, Dr. Gebhardt & Hilden, 2000

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