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List of the fortresses and castles of the Nahe-Hunsrück region

In the years 900-1500 fortified castles were spread throughout the region in a dense network. With circular walls, a palace (residential building), a keep (strong tower) and economic wings, they formed the defensible residence of the nobility. Here the castle peace was valid (legal protection of walled market places in the Middle Ages) and in the so-called castle ban (surrounding countryside of the castle) feuds were excluded and each breach of the peace was severely punished. The following list contains the most famous castles and palaces in the Nahe Valley and the Hunsrück region.

Bad Kreuznach, StadtKauzenburg 55545 Bad Kreuznach
Bad Kreuznach, VerbandsgemeindeBurgruine Neu-Bamberg 55546 Neu-Bamberg
Bad Münster am Stein-Ebernburg, VerbandsgemeindeAltenbaumburg 55585 Altenbamberg
Ebernburg "Herberge der Gerechtigkeit" 55583 Bad Münster am Stein-Ebernburg
Ruine Rheingrafenstein 55583 Bad Münster am Stein-Ebernburg
Burg Montfort 67826 Hallgarten
Baumholder, VerbandsgemeindeFrauenburg 55776 Frauenberg
Bingen, StadtBurg Klopp mit Heimatmuseum 55411 Bingen
Mäuseturm 55411 Bingen
Birkenfeld, VerbandsgemeindeBurg Birkenfeld 55765 Birkenfeld
Emmelshausen, VerbandsgemeindeEhrenburg im Ehrbachtal 56332 Brodenbach
Hermeskeil, VerbandsgemeindeGrimburg 54413 Grimburg
Herrstein, VerbandsgemeindeWildenburg 55758 Kempfeld
Historischer Ortskern 55756 Herrstein
Idar-Oberstein, StadtRuine Schloß Oberstein und Ruine Burg Bosselstein 55743 Idar-Oberstein
Kastellaun, VerbandsgemeindeBurgruine Sponheim 56288 Kastellaun
Burgruine Balduinseck 56290 Buch
Burgruine Waldeck 56290 Dorweiler
Kirchberg, VerbandsgemeindeBurgruine Dill 55487 Dill
Schloß Gemünden 55480 Gemünden
Burgruine Koppenstein 55490 Gemünden
Kirn, StadtRuine Kyrburg 55606 Kirn
Burgruine Steinkallenfels 55606 Kirn-Kallenfels
Kirn-Land, VerbandsgemeindeRuine Naumburg 55758 Bärenbach
Schloß Dhaun 55606 Hochstetten-Dhaun
Schloß Wartenstein 55606 Oberhausen / Kirn
Ruine Schmidtburg 55608 Schneppenbach
Langenlonsheim, VerbandsgemeindeSchloß des Fürsten von Bretzenheim 55559 Bretzenheim
Burgruine Burg Layen 55452 Burg Layen
Morbach, GemeindeBurgruine Baldenau 54497 Morbach-Hundheim
Burgruine Hunolstein 54497 Morbach-Hunolstein
Nohfelden, GemeindeBurg Nohfelden 66625 Nohfelden
Rhein-Nahe, VerbandsgemeindeStumpfer Turm 55424 Münster-Sarmsheim
Rüdesheim, VerbandsgemeindeWohnbergfried aus dem 13.Jahrhundert 55595 Burgsponheim
Burgruine Dalberg 55595 Dalberg
Burgruine Bockelheim 55596 Schloßböckelheim
Schloß Wallhausen 55595 Wallhausen
Ruwer, VerbandsgemeindeBurgruine Sommerau 54317 Sommerau
Stromberg, VerbandsgemeindeBurg Gollenfels 55442 Stromberg
Pfarrköpfchen 55442 Stromberg
Stromburg 55442 Stromberg
Thalfang, VerbandsgemeindeDhronecken 54424 Dhronecken


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