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A quick look at the Birkenfeld Museum

In the pre- and early-historical section of the Birkenfeld Museum you will find, for example, bronzed Etruscan beak flagons (beak-spouted jugs) from around 400 BC, which served as wine jugs during festive meals and come from the Celtic princely tombs of Hoppstädten and Siesbach; a multitude of Celtic jewelry; very well preserved Roman spikes from different sites; Roman dishes and cult objects; Roman sandstone sculptures, like, for example, the eagle, which had a commanding post upon a pillar over the Gallic-Roman tomb in Siesbach.

An important insight into the more recent history of the region is offered by the local and folklore section, with its extensive collections and exhibits. The opening hours are limited to Sunday and Tuesday afternoons, but it is possible to make an arrangement by telephone.

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Literature: Museum Birkenfeld. Festschrift zum 75-jährigen Bestehen. Mitteilungen des Vereins für Heimatkunde, Sonderheft 47; Bergweiler 1985.

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