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Germany's only barefoot path

... that is how it was for a long time. Luckily, other places have taken up this idea and implemented it. The barefoot path along the Nahe is recommended to everyone and is open all summer, no matter what the weather. This 3.5 km long nature path is a real adventure for the whole family. When it is walked barefoot, it provides a wonderful and refreshing act of mercy for feet packed up in shoes throughout the year. Try it out! Step upon grass, sand, stones, gravel, mud, tar or chipped bark and then cool your feet in the Nahe. You will doubtlessly enjoy the experience and want to do it again.

The circular path encompasses a hanging footbridge made of ropes and a boat used for crossing the Nahe, which is a self-propelled ferry. There is a ford through the Nahe where one hangs from a rope (for first timers who are unsure of themselves there is a bridge) and naturally, a large mud basin as a special treat for feet and legs. We are indeed in Bad Sobernheim where mud treatments play a central role in the Felke-cure. Bad Sobernheim therefore provides plenty to do. Of course, all this can be combined with a picnic, as there are numerous beautiful places for picnicking. The departure point for the barefoot path is the "Quellen Pavilion".

Curious about this special kind of experience?

While the barefoot path of Bad Sobernheim is an adventurous circular path packed with fun for the entire family, it additionally addresses certain health aspects as well. Walking barefoot on different grounds -like grass, earth, sand, mud, stones, gravel or chipped bark- has a very positive effect on your health: not only does it stimulate the heart and metabolism, it furthermore strengthens important parts in the muscular system, including those muscles responsible for supporting the spinal cord. In other words, walking barefoot is a good remedy against backaches, vascular problems, cold feet, knee and hip pain and nocturnal leg cramps. Walking barefoot also helps to prevent these conditions as well as offering other health benefits. To gain the most benefit, one should walk barefoot on a regular basis.

vSpacer Barefoot path along the river Nahe over grass, sand, rock, gravel, clay and bark mulch (Nahe Valley)

Opening hours
The barefoot path is open daily from May until October between the hours of 9:00 and 20:00. Dogs are not allowed.

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