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Bad Sobernheim

This old, charming health resort with its wonderfully restored downtown area, is the only Felke-bath in Germany. Bad Sobernheim lies in a widening of the Nahe valley, between Martinstein in the west, and the Disibodenberg to the east. It is bordered on the north by the mountain cliffs of the Soonwald region and in the south by the range of hills between Meisenheim and Kirn, a branch of the Westrich. The character of the area's vegetation comes from the mild, rather dry climate. It is no wonder that Bad Sobernheim is surrounded by vineyards, which are considered to have one of the best locations along the Nahe.

There are still quite a lot of things to discover. Among them is the Matthias Church (St. Matthew) with its famous Stumm organ and the new stained glass windows designed by Georg Meistermann. There are also two late medieval chapels, the city hall built in the year 1535 (remodeled in 1860 and again in 1970), numerous old courtyards, as well as patrician and middle class houses of which we mention only the "House with the little oriel" from 1614/1622. All these make the town especially attractive.

Photo: Market place of Bad Sobernheim with view to Saarstraße street and church St. Matthäus.

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